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For most men, a normal day can be divided by the concepts of work and play. However, this bitter fact isnʼt quite so familiar to this male duo.


Meet AUDIOCOMINGSOON, the music production duo from London consisting of Emmanuel Lawal and Ashton Gohil. The dynamic pair were introduced to one another through their respective modelling careers 6 years ago and since then, their strong friendship has manifested into the bromance they have today.


The boys have a list of over 30 campaigns, editorials and shows to their names including Neil Barrett, Moschino, Adidas, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, Stone Island, Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry, i-D, AnOther Man and British GQ to name just a few. 


Via social media the boys have built a growing audience engaged by their constantly interesting and intriguing stream of rich aesthetics that serve to only heighten the avidity of their fan base. From music to fashion, for Emmanuel and Ashton work is play and play is work. The two entities are fused together, serving to produce two of London’s fastest growing taste makers.

Whilst fashion has paved the way, music is and always has been the focus and centre point for AUDIOCOMINGSOON. In 2021, the duo launched The ACS Show, a monthly online radio show dedicated to music, chat and laughter. AUDIOCOMINGSOON released their debut EP entitled Us Against Ourselves back in June 2018 and shortly after released a follow-up mini EP entitled Levitate. With an open sound palette, their music crosses genre boundaries that they themselves best describe as cinematic bass.


Some of their highlights have included performing at Samuel L. Jackson’s One For The Boys Fundraiser, Louboutin’s collection launch alongside Wonderland Magazine. Attending fashion week across all cities, global residencies including The Blond in NYC and Silencio in Paris as well as gracing the airwaves of radio stations including Capital Xtra, NTS, BBC 1xtra and Rinse FM.

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